Paper Clamp - more flexibility for our the Austrian paper industry

Paper Clamp

Seapacking Center Enns - When flexibility counts

Each and every business is always searching for more flexibility and cheaper alternatives. For the Austria's paper industry, Kuehne + Nagel created new possibilities for the logistics of paper rolls.

With the acquisition of a paper clamp for the Seapacking Center Enns, Kuehne + Nagel enabled a new level of flexibility. Kuehne + Nagel therefore is now Austria's only globally acting logistics provider, who's able to handle paper rolls at one of the major strategic multimodal locations. This newly gained flexibility for the paper industry is clearly visible.

  • From now on, there aren't any restrictions concerning the transport routes anymore. 
  • For that, more attractive offers with cheaper dispatches can be chosen and the shipment to the American continent is no longer bound to a specific seaport.
  • Furthermore, the multiple reloadings are reduced to a single manipulation, what diminishes the risks of product damages.

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