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Toll Fees

To provide the best possible service for you as our customer, we'll inform you here about the current toll fees in Austria and Germany.


The Austrian government has passed the new toll fee act 2018, which defines the toll fees applicable from Jan. 1st 2019.

As in the two past years, the Austrian government raised the toll fees for environmental friendly EURO 6 trucks higher than for less ecological ones. For companies that means in effect, that environmental friendly fleets are subject to a higher raise than older vehicle fleets.

As the majority of toll transports are executed with EURO 6 trucks and the calculation of the toll fee tables is based on an average fleet, longer distances face substantial raises. Vice versa, in short distance transports older vehicles are used, what reduces the cost increase.

Based on the BMVIT’s resolution, we have recalculated our toll tables, which are provided for downloading beneath.


We hope for your understanding and look forward to continuing good collaborations.

(Truck toll fees in Austria by January 1st 2018 in EUR (excl. VAT))


The German government has decided to extend the toll street network from around 15,000 km by nearly 38,000 km on all federal highways. This sums up to 52,800 km toll roads, applicable from July 1st 2018.

Furthermore, due to decisions of the German government, following changes are awaited by Jan 1st 2019:

  • Costs for noise pollution will be charged
  • The toll will be higher in general
  • New weight classes will be introduced
  • As an incentive for the usage of electronic trucks, they are exepted from toll fees

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