Austria's toll fees by January 1st 2018

Austria's government has resolved a new road pricing regulation for 2018.

On November 28th 2017 the Austrian government has decided to rise the toll fees, which are effective from Jan. 1st 2018.

The regulation is varying depending on the number of axles and the EURO emissions class, for different rates are charged for basis infrastructure costs, air pollution and noise pollution. The raise reaches from 0.8% to 1.68%. The charges for noise pollution differ between day (5am to 10 pm) and night (10pm to 5am).

The Austrian governement decided to raise the toll fees for the environment friendly EURO 6 significantly more than for less environment friendly vehicles. As for the majority of toll transportations EURO 6 are used and the table is based on an average vehicle fleet, especially for longer distances a higher raise than the official 1% results.

Similar to the other countries, we modeled the share of toll streets and the the share of empty runs based on the distance. The resulting table is applicable to Austria and valid from Jan. 1st 2018. We didn't change either the distance areas nor the distance sheet.

The raises in our model are varying strongly on the distance areas. The lower areas are profiting from the currently rising amount of environment friendly trucks and therefore lower occurring tolls. For longer distances, where already many EURO 6 vehicles are used, the raises are significantly higher.

We have prepared the road pricing tables for 2018 in accordance with the new resolution of the BMVIT:

(Truck toll fees in Austria by January 1st 2018 in EUR (excl. VAT))