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Why Kuehne + Nagel should be your logistics partner for groupage services to the UK?

Short lead times to the UK

To be able to provide fast and reliable break bulk Services to UK & Ireland, we have completely restructured our groupage line-haul system.

With a highly efficient pre-carriage network we are able to provide daily pick-ups and departures throughout Austria. Let us convince you with our outstanding lead times, as can be seen in the map beneath, and get a quote easily for your deliveries to the UK. 

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Brexit? No problem!

Never mind whether it will be a hard Brexit or not, whether the UK stays in the customs union or not. However the Brexit negotiations will turn out - as far as your logistics process is concerned, with Kuehne + Nagel you can still rely on one single partner.

We'll manage your whole delivery process, from the pick-up over customs clearance to the door-to-door delivery. With Kuehne + Nagel you are definitely well prepared for the Brexit.

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The Kuehne + Nagel Tea Raffle

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Our Detailed Lead Times

Karte UK Laufzeiten ab Österreich, Kühne + Nagel FTL, LTL, Sammelgut

Short lead times are important for your company to stay flexible. For that not only our lead times to & from the UK are uncomparably fast, but you also stay completely flexible, as we provide daily departures from Austria and UK.

The pre-carriage time for your break-bulk transports with Kuehne + Nagel takes only 1 day throughout Austria. Then we provide a daily linehaul service from our hub in Salzburg to the UK.

Together with our colleagues in the UK, we developed a strong local network, for that your shipments get  delivered fast, on time and reliably.

Our more than 100 Locations and over 13,000 colleagues in the UK, enable us to provide your company high-class services.

Brexit? Kein Problem für Ihre Logistik mit Kühne + Nagel

Brexit? No Problem!

So far it still remains unclear, which implications the Brexit will have for companies. But at least we can assure you, that with Kuehne + Nagel you won't face any logistical difficulties.

With our strong local presence, our experience and capacities at customs clearance and our globally consistent IT systems we can manage your delivery process from the pick-up to the door-to-door delivery, including 100% transparency even at the customs process.

We know, that the Brexit will be a challenge for many companies. In particular, because it remains unclear, how the trade relationship with the UK will look like.

Therefore it matters to us, that you can concentrate on your core business further on. With Kuehne + Nagel, there won't change anything, at least concerning your logistics processes. Our experience and our customs facilities enable us to easily handle also the customs clearance for your goods from a single source.

FTL (Full Truck Load) und LTL (Less than Truck Load) Services von Kühne + Nagel

Your goods are heavier than 2.5 tons or longer than 2 metres? Then our LTL (Less that Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) services are the right solutions for you.

With our fleet of over 5,000 trucks and trailers as well as long-term partnerships with preferred subcontractors, we give you maximum capacity and flexibility for all your logistics needs.

By collecting and delivering directly with one vehicle, we can provide more security and extremely attractive lead times due to less handling. Our team of experienced logistics specialists is fully focused on delivering the highest performance standards – ensuring that your shipments reach their destination safely, on time and in perfect condition.

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KN Sure Overland 15.000

Uninsured cargo within the supply chain is exposed to risk. Without proper protection in place the cargo is exposed to many potential risks like theft, fire, general average or weather hazards which are beyond your control.

Kuehne + Nagel seeks to minimize logistical risks to a minimum and to ensure your peace of mind through the whole supply chain. For this purpose we have created the perfect solution to ensure your groupage shipments that worth up to EUR 15,000 are insured.

From now you are able to insure your groupage shipments with premium of only EUR 9. With our long brokerage experience and high cargo volumes, our in-house insurance specialists in 30 countries are able to offer flexible insurance solutions to match your unique requirements.

Get more information directly on our Homepage or send us your request via mail form.

Short Sea Services von Kühne + Nagel

Short Sea Services

Kuehne + Nagel Austria has been concentrating on the handling of Short Sea services for more than 10 years now, with a dedicated department. With Short Sea, your goods are shipped via truck, rail and vessel and therefore improve your life cycle assessment.

Hereby, UK & Ireland are our focus destinations. Your benefits of Short Sea with Kuehne + Nagel are:

  • Lower costs
  • Higher payload
  • Flexible waiting times at British ports without additional costs.
  • Shipping in 45' Containers with 33 pallet spaces
  • Improvement of your life cycle assessment

We'd be happy to consult you, whether your supply chain is suitable for Short Sea transportation. Simply contact us via mail form or phone under +43 590 690 1294.