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As consumer expectations grow, let logistics boost your brand experience.

Lifestyle brands are all about consumer experience. As a global brand owner, you know how important brand and reputation are. Your supply chain is more than simply the physical movement of goods, it’s what connects consumers to your brand. You want a logistics partner who can ensure your brand stays strong and that your products are where they need to be to meet consumer expectations.

At Kuehne+Nagel, we use our logistics experience and technology to keep your brand visible and your products available. Your items can be consolidated from multiple countries and distributed regionally or domestically from our fulfillment centers. You can trust our experts to support you with the best strategies and solutions. Our strong relationships with leading carriers ensure that you receive consistent, reliable shipping – no matter which mode of transport you’re using. Your shipping routes are optimised by our advanced systems to avoid risk and ensure punctual delivery, even directly to store with our last mile solutions.

As sustainability becomes more important in your supply chain and for consumers, our experts can support you with extending your product life cycle. Whether you need assistance with reverse logistics, reusing garments or repacking for resale, our team are ready to help. By choosing Kuehne+Nagel you’re opting for a logistics provider whose Net Zero Carbon programme directly addresses carbon emissions in the logistics industry.

Our experts can assist you with the following services:

  • Cross-border support for customs clearance, duty and value-added tax (VAT)
  • Manage freight via all transportation modes
  • Reduce lead times and inventory costs by shipping directly to retail outlets, bypassing distribution centers
  • International sourcing of materials, fabrics and other raw materials
  • Smooth handling of demand spikes during peak season

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